Two Females By My Side

I’m a rare breed. Have I already caught your attention? If so, that’s good, because what you’re about to read might surprise you. I’m a female CEO for a medium-sized book publisher out of New York. I often have to travel the world to meet new people and I enjoy what I do. That said, I also feel I deserve a little break and reward once the evening rolls around.

I’m very secretive about my nighttime hobbies, but I feel safe writing about it here because I’m not going to reveal my real name. It also feels good to write about. What am I referring to? Let’s put it this way, the last time I was in Birmingham, I searched for Manchester escort agency, found them with ease and had two females of different types by my side within the hour. I also like to order two females of different types regardless of the city I’m in. And let me tell you something, almost every female escort loves spending time with a female client.